• Get Your Yum On

  • Hi there, I'm Lisa.

    I'm a leadership advisor, integrative health coach, yoga instructor, philanthropist, and licensed Desire Map Facilitator.

    I'm also a mom to six beautiful children and a remarkable dog named Bodhi.


    I know what it's like to get into a funk. To feel less than your best, physically, mentally and emotionally.


    I've spent the last 20 years learning the best of what works: from integrative health coaching, whole foods and plant-based remedies to yogic exercise and targeted breath work, I'm an expert at getting your body from blah to blissful.


    My work on mindset and productivity started at the White House and has brought me to work with organizations, non-profits and leaders in the U.S. and around the world.

    I'd love to work with you, and your organization, to help you get the incredible results that come from experiencing LifeYum.

  • Here's how it works:

    Lisa O'Brien Lifeyum leadership advisor

    We chat about what you need and where to start.

    Lisa O'Brien of Lifeyum making a customized, holistic plan for you or your team

    I make a customized, holistic plan for you or your team.

    work with Lisa O'Brien virtually or in person

    We set up a series of virtual sessions or schedule an in-person workshop (best for groups). Or a little of both.

    Lisa O'Brien's 1:1 sessions and workshops get results like increased vitality, productivity and happiness

    You get results: Vitality, productivity, happiness and more. You'll experience your life-and business-in a whole new way.

  • Sound too good to be true? 

    Well, it’s NOT.

    Don't wait for tomorrow to craft the life of your dreams! 

    Let's get your YUM on, shall we?

    Book your discovery call and let's talk.

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  • Praise

    Stacey Hengsterman, The State University of New York Chief of Staff

    A session with Lisa is truly amazing. I left inspired, more clear and motivated physically and intellectually. I work with and run a large organization, and I’d bring her in to lead our team on a weekly basis if I could.


    I'll never miss the chance to work with Lisa again, and you'll love every minute of it.

    Melissa Hayden Leach, Baptiste Foundation executive director

    You leave even a brief encounter with Lisa just feeling BETTER. Her selflessness, her encouragement, her involvement…truly elevates and room, event or organization. I don’t have enough room here to detail how Lisa goes above and beyond in the name of service.


    Lisa embodies her company’s motto: Feel Good, Do Good.

    Marri Aviza, Rumors Salon and Spa founding partner

    Working with Lisa is truly amazing!


    I belong to the Women's Presidents Organization (WPO), an International organization, and attend many worldwide seminars. This program was the best and most powerful to date for me. It truly inspired my inner most feelings and desires instead of more of the same goal setting, strategic planning that we all seem to place so much focus and importance on.


    I gained inspiration and motivation, and am more peaceful and energized. Lisa O’Brien is the most gracious and knowledgable facilitator I've met, and her leading is perfection!

    Most motivation usually lasts for just about a week, but I am still reeling and dazzled by the gifts and gems I learned during our time together.

    Paula Colarusso

    My experience with Lisa was mind blowing.


    I did some incredible work on myself and what I value. Aligning goals based on what I want to feel is a game changer. I’d absolutely recommend working with Lisa to anyone!

    Christine Suppa Hoyt

    Working with Lisa I felt the last tiny little tear in my heart was healed: not in remission...not bandaged...it was HEALED.


    She's a gentle breeze at the ocean. She's a hug from a beloved grandmother. Lisa is a wise old world guide in a chic, modern, body. She is a grace and beauty.


    Would I recommend the experience of working with Lisa? H*ll yes!

  • Questions or Want to Chat? 

    Great.  I can't wait! 

  • I created Lifeyum to help people of all ages experience happiness and freedom.


    I help driven women relax into their greatness with mind and body shifts that create sustainable happiness. I help organizations make shifts that recharge their culture and improve the bottom line — healthier, happier employees and increased efficiency.

    My work has helped both leaders and followers come back to their center so they can be more productive, more proactive and more profitable.


    I believe you can reboot and revitalize without angst, anxiety or doing something drastic. That you can learn, or re-learn, how to have fun and have your own back. Explore playfulness and moving forward in a way that is not only true to who you are, but that makes you pulse with excitement about life.

    This is why a portion of all proceeds benefit my campaign for Africa Yoga Project, a nonprofit organization whose work is dedicated to healing and empowering individuals, especially young people. 


    This project is a reflection of the deepest intentions of my heart for people everywhere of all walks of life. When you work with me, you're also contributing to education,  hope, and possibility in Africa and beyond.